Global Notice to Contributors and Booking, the First Issue of “Sophy Poetry & Translation” Magazine (C-E)

[Description]: we make an appointment for poets’ contribution from all over the world. Poems are translated by translator Sophy Chen independently or by some multilingual translators together; It is no payment and you need to pay for…

Global Notice to Contributors and Booking, the First Issue of “Sophy Poetry & Translation” Magazine (C-E)

In order to strengthen Chinese and international excellent poetry’s translation and international promotion and promote translation, interaction, communication and exchange of excellent poetry between Chinese and Western poets, Sophy Chen (Chen Lihua) individually, by the name of Sophy International Translation Publishing House in Hong Kong, found Sophy Poetry & Translation (English-Chinese), the International Journal, main language English, title: Sophy Poetry & Translation, ISSN: 2616-2660). The “Sophy Poetry & Translation” (English-Chinese) periodical will be led by translation between English and Chinese or other international interaction and exchange of poetry in other languages.
Sophy International Translation Publishing House, and Editorial Department of Sophy Poetry & Translation Magazine, decided to co-edit and publish the magazine “Sophy Poetry & Translation” (English-Chinese), (quarterly first, four issues a year, later double issues a quarter ,monthly, poets’ special issue, or supplementary issue, etc.) . It is planed to compile and publish 200-400 issues of representative poems by important poets from all over the world in 50 years (2018-2068). This issue will be opened the online/ offline subscription to readers’ to the world more than 200 countries and regions and connected to the world’s major national poetry associations, writers associations, poetic civil society and international literature organizations. Its columns will be settled after it was published three issues. The column of the first issue is now shown as follows.

First Issue

1 Cover Person, First Cover (E-C, C-E, poets’ image)
2 Editor’s Words, Second Cover (E-C, C-E , poets’ image & profile)
3 Sophy’s Poetry (E-C, C-E)
4 International Poets (E-C, C-E)
5 Chinese Poets (E-C, C-E)
6 Poets Column (E-C, C-E, poets’ image & profile )
7 Poetry Comments (E-C, C-E)
8 Translation Comments (E-C, C-E)
9 International Poetry News (E-C, C-E)
10 International Famous Artists (Calligraphy & Painting) (E-C, C-E, image & profile)
11 Famous Poets’ Images (E-C, C-E)

In order to ensure the artistic quality of the Magazine and its long life, now we make an appointment for poets’ contribution from all over the world. Specific issues are as follows:
I. Poems and articles in it are translated by translator Sophy Chen independently (or translated by some multilingual translators together);
Ⅱ. All influential, accomplished and capable poets in all countries can contribute your works, regardless of your nationality, language, ethnicity, religion, sex, and age. Our first standard is the quality of your works.
Ⅲ. It is belonged to Sophy Chen personally at her own expense in the form of public subscription and publication, no payment for your works and you need to pay for your works translated if you ask your works to be published in this issue.
Public Help Form:
1) Book
Please poets and readers actively booking. Free shipping in mainland of China ¥ 50 per copy (a year) 4 issues in total 200 RMB. Overseas free postage ($ 30 per copy. Total of 4 ($ 120) US dollars. The order specify(mainland of China): name / pen name + WeChat / qq + email + phone + detailed mailing address. Overseas: name / pen name + facebook+ email + phone + detailed mailing address. We will print the books based on booking. If you need it, please pay for it. After the publication, we will mail it to you as soon as possible.
2) Translation Sponsorship
Translation sponsored, the Chinese contemporary poetry (Chinese to English) 15 RMB / line; translation(English to Chinese) $ 3 US dollars / line (title + subtitle + text + annotation) unified to be paid and put into Sophy poetry translation fund. Poets who wrote poetry for less than five years will not be translated. Poets’ translated poems which are not willing to be published in paper will not be translated. Poets who do not respect the translator’s labor bargaining will not be translated. To pay before translation. The poet’s profile within 300 words is obliged to provide translation.
3) (Chinese to English) Prose Poetry, Prose, Translation Criticism, Poetry Criticism 1000 RMB / Thousand Words; Fiction, Drama 800 RMB / Thousand Words; Poetry News 2 RMB / Word. (English to Chinese) Prose Poetry, Prose, Translation Criticism, Poetry Criticism $200/ Thousand Words; Fiction, Drama $200/ Thousand Words; Poetry News $0.5/ Word.
4) Cover Person and Cover 2, Poet Recommended Column sponsor (negotiable).
5) Other languages translation sponsorship fee to be negotiated (Negotiable).
6) Cover 3 Celebrities Painting sponsor (negotiable)
If you are both a poet and a painter, we can provide a full page of calligraphy and painting on Cover 3, including calligraphy or painting, a brief introduction to you and your photos, and we will promote it in both English and Chinese. Translation promotion fee to negotiate.
7) All poets’ poetry collections translated and published by Sophy Chen will be given a large pieces of Poets Column to publish your some poems without charge.
Ⅳ. “Sophy Poetry & Translation” Magazine (English-Chinese), is unified to be designed , produced, made a price and published by our editorial department; 16K, each issue 4 sheets (64 pages); long poems, poems, short poems, poetry reviews, and translation reviews can be published; cover: 200g coated paper coated, four-color printing (cover 1,2,3,4 color); page: 80g wood free paper / light paper; riding nails; after the magazine published, it will be submitted to the French International Journals Registration Center, ISSN CENTER for the record first. One copy of the sample book will be presented free of charge to the author. The rest copies will be delivered to the following units, the United Nations Library, UNESCO, the Congress Libraries of Important Countries, the world’s major literary newspapers and magazines, the world famous university libraries, the world famous literary research experts, the world famous literary translation award judges, and the Nobel Prize in Literature Review Committee, etc. (If some units have been sent they will be officially announced a news on the collection proof with their stamp sealed)
V. Submission Matters Attention
My dear poets and poetess: if you need your modern poems to be translated into English or into Chinese, and published in “Sophy Poetry & Translation” Magazine (English-Chinese), please send your masterpieces 3-8, your poet profile within 300 words (saved as word 97-2003), your a poetry image (original size or at least 3000px, 300dpi), (Title: xxx poems + profile + photos, font size5: Song Type or Times New Roman, please send a compressed file to [email protected]). After your poems read and approved by editors of our magazine and paid by you, your poems will be translated and published, so please wait for a few days. Once a translation agreement is reached, it is deemed to authorize Sophy Chen to translate and publish it in her electronic magazine, paper magazine or paper books compiled by her and without the translator’s permission, you can not allow another translator to translate your translated works into other languages based on the translated version, if you need your works to be translated into other languages, you must write who is the original author, which language your works were translated from, and who is the translator. If you need your works reproduced and published you must write the name of translator and source. Our magazine does not accept some translator’s translation works who has not made a translation agreement with us.
Ⅵ. Poetry Promotion
In order to let more readers to read the world’s best poetry, Sophy Chen, myself suggest, you, my poets and readers to actively promote your poems or others’ poems each other. If you do not want to promote your own translated poems into your blog or transmit your translated poems from our poems released platform, we will refuse to translate yours and publish yours. Our editorial department has made the magazines’ relevant subscription measures and developed some authoritative poetry promotion resources or the international poetry promotion subsidies your works to be translated or your initiatives sponsorship for your works to be translated and published. The draft measures are as follows:
1, Poets in mainland China : If you reserve a year (tentative quarterly, four books a year; 4 books ¥ 200RNB), we can translate and publish your masterpieces within 15 lines in a year or some poet’s masterpieces you recommended within 15 lines; if you reserve a total of 2 copies each year (a total of 8 books ¥ 400RNB), we can translate and publish your masterpieces within 30 lines in a year; and so on.
2, Overseas poets: If you reserve a year (tentative quarterly, four books a year; 4 books ¥ 800RMB, $ 120 dollars), we can translate and publish your masterpieces within 40 lines in a year or some poet’s masterpieces you recommended within 40 lines; if you reserve a total of 2 copies each year (a total of 8 books ¥ 1600RNB, $ 240 dollars), we can translate and publish your masterpieces within 80 lines in a year; and so on.
3. The overseas’ Chinese poets who have gathered many international poets or the international poets with well international poetic promotion resources, welcome to contact us to exchange and promote resources. Sophy Chen and my related translators will translate a certain number of these poets Chinese and foreign poetry.
(Mainland of China) Please add Sophy Chen’s WeChat (18201007874) and QQ (478674384), public number (service number “Sophy English Online” and subscription number “Sophy Poetry & Translation”); (Overseas) Please add facebook (, twitter (sophychen), google + ([email protected]).

Ⅶ. Sophy Chen’s translated works and publications will be promoted on the lines:
1, Sophy English Online service number or subscription number (English / English-Chinese) + Authors’ own blogs (not self-reported poets or writers whose works will be refused to translate and publish)
2, Sophy Poetry & Translation Website ( English / English-Chinese) + Dazang Poetry Website or Dazang Poetry Forum (Chinese)
3, The United States Amazon E-books Publications (English) + ISSUU International Journal Network (English)
4, Sophy Chen independently translated and published in paper (English / English-Chinese) + big media (English / English-Chinese).
5, Sophy Chen independently translated and published translation selections + Sophy Chen independently translated and published English-Chinese poetry collections;
Sophy Chen independently translated and published poet’s poetry collections.

In addition, we will continue to develop the book reading markets both at home and abroad as we always are and prepare to log in to all e-journal networks around the world. We will also create an independent website of Sophy Poetry & Translation e-journal and Sophy Poetry Website for paper books .
At the same time, I welcome all poets and writers to authorize your poetry, essays, fiction and drama collections translated and published by Sophy Chen and Sophy International Translation Publishing House is dedicated to serve you!

E-mail:[email protected]
Twitter: Sophy Chen
Google+: [email protected]
Wechat: 18201007874

Thank you for your support!

Sophy Chen / Chen Lihua

Sophy International Translation Publishing House
“Sophy Poetry & Translation” Magazine
“Sophy Poetry & Translation” Website
Sophy International Publishing Media Co., Ltd


Certificate of Sophy International Translation Publishing House
Certificate of Sophy International Publishing Media Co., Ltd

Certificate of“Sophy Poetry & Translation” Magazine




Global Notice to Contributors and Booking, the First Issue of “Sophy Poetry & Translation” Magazine (C-E)

為了加強中國和國際優秀詩歌的對外翻譯與國際化推廣,推動中西方詩人優秀詩歌的互譯、互動、傳播與交流,現蘇菲(陳麗華)個人在中國香港以蘇菲國際翻譯出版社的名義發起創立《蘇菲詩歌&翻譯》(英漢對照)國際期刊, 申請語言為英語,刊名:Sophy Poetry & Translation。國際期刊號ISSN:2616-2660。《蘇菲詩歌&翻譯》(英漢對照)期刊將以英漢互譯為主導,帶動其它語種詩歌的國際互動與交流。


1 封面人物 封一(英漢-漢英 詩人形象照)
2 卷首語 封二 (英漢-漢英、詩人形象照、詩人簡介)
3 蘇菲詩歌(英漢-漢英)
4 國際詩人(英漢-漢英)
5 中國詩人(英漢-漢英)
6 翻譯評論 (英漢-漢英)
7 詩歌評論(英漢-漢英)
8 詩人專欄(英漢-漢英、簡介、照片)
9 國際詩訊 (英漢-漢英)
10 國際名家(書畫)(英漢-漢英、簡介、照片)
11 名家風采(英漢-漢英 照片)

一、《蘇菲詩歌&翻譯》(英漢對照)期刊由翻譯家蘇菲Sophy Chen獨立翻譯(或組織多語種翻譯家共同)完成;
請詩人和讀者積極預訂。中國大陸免郵費每本¥50元。(一年)四期合計¥200元。海外免郵費每期$30美元。四期合計 $120美元。訂購請寫明:(大陸)姓名/筆名+微信/qq+郵箱+電話+詳細郵寄地址;(海外)姓名/筆名+facebook+郵箱+電話+詳細郵寄地址。我們將按照訂書量按量印刷,請需要的詩人和讀者先付費預訂,出版后我們會盡快郵寄。預訂期刊請轉賬到:蘇菲微信/支付寶 18201007874。
2) (漢譯英)散文詩、散文、翻譯評論、詩歌評論¥1000元/千字;詩歌新聞2元/字。(英譯漢)散文詩、散文、翻譯評論、詩歌評論$200/千字;詩歌新聞$0.5美元/字。
5)封三名人書畫贊助 (面議)
四、《蘇菲詩歌&翻譯》(英漢對照)期刊,由本編輯部統一設計、統一制作、統一定價、統一出版。16K,每期為4個印張(64頁)。長詩、組詩、短詩、詩歌評論、翻譯評論均可刊載.。封面:200g銅版紙 覆膜 四色印刷 (封面1,2,3,4 彩色);內頁:80g雙膠紙/輕型紙;裝訂:騎馬釘;雜志出版后,首先遞交法國國際期刊注冊中心備案;再向作者免費贈送樣書1冊,其余將根據期刊逐漸建立的國際影響力,預備送往以下單位,聯合國圖書館、聯合國教科文組織、世界重要國家國會圖書館、世界重要文學報刊、世界著名大學圖書館、世界知名文學研究專家、世界知名文學翻譯獎評獎會員會、諾貝爾文學獎評審委員會等。(如有送達單位均會在網絡正式新聞公布加蓋印章的收藏證明)
各位詩人朋友們:如需把你的新詩翻譯成英文或者把你的英語詩歌翻譯成漢語,刊載于《蘇菲詩歌&翻譯》(英漢對照)期刊。請發來代表作3-8首、詩人簡介300字以內(保存為word 97-2003版)、詩歌形象照一張(原大或至少3000px像素大小、300dpi分辨率),(標題:xxx的詩+簡介+照片,五號字:宋體或新羅馬,請放到一個壓縮文件)發送到[email protected]。經《蘇菲詩歌&翻譯》(英漢對照)期刊編委會各位編輯審核通過后方能翻譯刊載,請朋友耐心等待!一旦達成翻譯協議,就視為授權蘇菲翻譯,并在蘇菲主編的電子雜志、紙質雜志或者紙質詩歌選本刊載,未經譯者許可不得再將作品轉給其他譯者翻譯。未經譯者許可,也不能私自將譯者翻譯的漢語版本和英語版本的詩歌轉譯成其它語種,如需轉譯其它語種必須注出原創作者和轉譯自何種語種,譯者是誰。轉載和刊載必須注出譯者和出處。本刊暫不接受非約稿譯者翻譯的詩歌文本。
1、 大陸詩人:一次預訂整年每期1份(暫定為季刊,一年四期;預訂4本¥200元),本刊在該年度互換翻譯并刊出個人或推薦詩人代表作15行以內;一次預訂整年每期2份(共預訂8本¥400元),互換翻譯30行以內;以此類推;
2、 海外詩人:一次預訂整年每期1份(暫定為季刊,一年四期;預訂4本,港澳臺¥800元,國外$120美元),本刊在該年度互換翻譯并刊出個人或推薦詩人代表作40行以內;一次預訂整年每期2份(共預訂8本,港澳臺¥1600元,國外$240美元),互換翻譯80行以內;以此類推;
(大陸)請大家添加蘇菲微信(18201007874)和qq(478674384),關注蘇菲微信公眾號(服務號“蘇菲英語在線”和訂閱號“蘇菲詩歌與翻譯”);(海外)請添加蘇菲facebook, twitter,google+。
1、蘇菲英語服務號/訂閱號(純英語/英漢對照)+ 作家自媒體自主報道(不積極自主報道的詩人作家一律拒絕翻譯刊載)
2、蘇菲詩歌&翻譯網(純英語/英漢對照)+ 大藏詩歌網/大藏詩歌論壇(漢語)
3、美國亞馬遜英語圖書網電子刊物(純英語)+ ISSUU國際期刊網(純英語)
4、蘇菲獨立運營翻譯紙刊(純英語/英漢對照)+ 大媒體綜合報道(純英語/英漢對照)。
5、蘇菲獨立翻譯、出版運營的翻譯年選 + 蘇菲獨立翻譯編選的英漢對照詩歌合集;


預訂期刊請轉賬到:蘇菲微信/支付寶 18201007874。

投稿郵箱:[email protected]
Twitter: Sophy Chen
Google+: [email protected]
微信: 18201007874

蘇菲(Sophy Chen)/陳麗華



蘇菲國際翻譯出版社 注冊證書
蘇菲國際出版傳媒有限公司 注冊證書

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蘇菲(Sophy Chen),本名陳麗華,中國當代女詩人、翻譯家。美國英語“傳奇詩人”。“蘇菲詩歌&翻譯網”、“蘇菲詩歌&翻譯雜志社”、“蘇菲國際翻譯出版社”創建人。“蘇菲英語講壇”創辦者兼主講人。畢業于西安外國語大學英文學院。獲2012年度“國際最佳翻譯家獎”。“中國當代詩歌獎”(2013—2014)翻譯獎。翻譯出版英譯詩歌集六部:《花動搖》、《藏香》、《生之瞭望》、《異調》、《胴體向前》、《白娘子詩傳》。

About Translator Sophy Chen
Sophy Chen, her name, Lihua and family name, Chen, is the Chinese contemporary poetess, translator, and American English “Legendary Poet”. She is the founder of “Sophy Poetry & Translation Website”, “Sophy Poetry & Translation” Magazine and “Sophy International Translation Publishing House”. She is the founder and leading lecturer of “Sophy English Forum”.She graduated from English Institute of Xian Foreign Studies University in English Literature.She won the annual “International Best Translator” Award 2012 and the Chinese Contemporary Poetry (2013-2014) Translation Award.She translated and published six Chinese poetry collections into English, The Flower Swaying (2014) , The Tibetan Incense(2014), The Outlook of Life (2014), The Different Tunes (2014), The Body Forward (2015), and A Poetry Biography for White Snake (2015), etc.



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